About me

Well, my name's Dave, and I am a freelance web designer, playwright, jazz lover and erstwhile music press officer. I set up I Can Make You Website in 2011 after spending four years working in music industry PR and marketing. Having taught myself to design websites over the years when building sites for my friends and for my own projects, I decided to create a business where I could combine my copywriting and music marketing knowledge with the technical and creative skills required to develop good websites. I wanted to specialise in sites for musicians and also actors (because I know a few) that both looked good and made best use of the available social media and sales tools, sites which I would also enjoy creating. On a more personal level – if that's what you're after – I'm a Nothern Irish-born, Cambridge-educated, London-based male person, approaching the bitter end of my late twenties, fond of cycling, rock climbing, cooking (I was once a chef actually, for a while) and occasionally picking up my old guitar to bash out a few choruses of the blues.